Dealing with Electrical Apparatuses can be Dangerous

Dealing with electrical apparatuses can be dangerous for an electrician, as well as for employees. In order to ensure the safety of not only people, but also animals and buildings, it is important to properly maintain electrical equipment. Here are a couple of ways you can help ensure the safety of your electrician and employees, which leads to a very happy electrician.
1. ELECTRICAL WORK SPACE. Keep a three foot area around electrical equipment clear of obstructions and clutter. If electrical disconnecting means are blocked, they cannot be reached in an emergency. Clutter near electrical equipment also poses a fire hazard.
2. TRANSFORMERS NEED VENTILATION. Keep transformers uncovered and clear of debris. Laying aprons, boxes, and other miscellaneous items on it can burn up the transformer leading to power outages. (If you don’t know what a transformer is call your electrician)