Dairy Farm Repairs

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BRM Enterprises Inc is a professional handyman company with over 20 years of relevant industry experience under its belt. We specialize in a broad selection of repair work that can cover the needs of commercial and industrial customers. It is because of this that Clovis, NM dairy producers trust us with their dairy farm repairs. During the years, we have proven to be reliable specialists that have the know-how to fix different features in an efficient and timely manner.
Best Welding and Repair Services in Clovis, NM
We have at our disposal an immense arsenal of premium quality machines and instruments that allow us to carry out perfectly various types of repair work. Our technical capacity permits us to replace faulty electrical wires, and fix problematic electrical systems. We also have top of the line welding equipment with which we can repair aluminum and steel features. Last but not least, we have the knowledge to maintain different devices that are used in the dairy industry.

We also offer electrical programming for valves, which will allow you to automatize some aspects of the manufacturing process.
We Operate in Harmony with All Security Protocols
At BRM Enterprises Inc, we follow the highest standards of the industry to the letter and because of that, we achieve high results that leave our customers completely satisfied with the assistance that they have received.
Your Budget Will Be Accommodated
Our dairy farm repairs are provided at cost-effective rates. We never make compromises with the quality of your services, which is why we are known to have the best quality/price ratio in Clovis, NM. With us, you won’t only benefit from our comprehensive assistance but you will also receive the best value for your money.

Book us today by calling us at (575) 683-5376 and make sure that your farm is operating at maximum capacity. If you have any questions regarding your services and methods of work, please don’t be timid to send us an email.

Electrical Service

High Quality And Expert Electrical Service in Clovis NM

Night light for livestock pens
Our modern society can’t do without electricity. Like any other system, the electrical system must always be serviced by a qualified professional.
Safety is a priority.
An electrical repair specialist has a list of safety requirements which he must check prior to any service. Working with electricity is no joke, and it requires professional qualification. Also the quality of repair does matter. Any service must yield a durable and long lasting result. Any patch jobs or temporary solutions will only put your entire electrical system in jeopardy.

We are a dealer for Portor Lighting. Portor Lighting has 80 years experience in the electrical lighting business. We recommend their products. Take a look at their website.

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Here are some services our electrical team provides for our customers:
Agricultural & Industrial
  • Dairy service and installation
  • New construction
  • Well panel service & installation
  • Automation
  • Radio control
  • Pivot repair
  • LED lighting
  • New construction service
  • LED lighting
55 foot bucket truck to access hard to reach pen lights, parking lot lights, etc.
Control panel for US Farm systems
Control panel for water management system
Up high to change out lights

Mechanical Repair Services

Get Mechanical Services in Clovis, NM

Welding up a US Farm Systems separator
BRM Enterprises Inc has become a leading mechanical contractor in the area of Clovis, NM. By offering skilled and outstanding range of mechanical service, our remarkable company remains as the favorite business of many commercial and industrial customers.

We always follow all the safety rules and never make compromises with our work. We understand that your time is precious – if you’re running on a tight schedule, you won’t have to worry about wasted time because our professionals are impeccable when it comes to deadlines.

Our mechanical and welding technicians have over 50 years accumulative mechanical & welding experience. They are AWS certified for stainless steel, structural, aluminum, Mig, Tig and stick welding machines.

By offering 24 hour service in New Mexico, Texas panhandle & Kansas, you can rely on our mechanical service at any time.
The equipment we have is greatly ranged – seven mobile units for on call services, each equipped with welding machines, compressors, tools, 12000-14000 pound cranes that will reach 20-30 feet.

Our base is a 9000 square foot shop building, fully equipped for any mechanical repair – that includes maintain and repair all makes and models of tractors, loaders, skid steers, bobcats, backhoes, ditchers, plows, feed mixers, all farm, dairy and construction equipment. We maintain and repair all makes and models of light duty, heavy duty and semi-trucks, hopper bottom trailers, flat bed trailers, livestock trailers, manure spreader trailers.

We are also an authorized dealer for sales and repair work for Peecon Feed Mixers, US Farm Systems, Aeroswint Trailers and Versa Baggers.

Call BRM Enterprises Inc at (575) 683-5376 to make sure you are working with a reliable company!
Installing a US Farm Systems separator
Ronny’s big truck can do anything
Installing an Automated Water Management System
Water booster pumps with water manfold
Levi, working on a cow hoof trimming chute
Heath, working on a cow hoof trimming chute
Replacing a repaired diesel injector pump